The Chapel of the Dove (1982-1993)

Chapel of the Dove in 1988.  Click on image to be taked to article about the Chapel.

Chapel of the Dove in 1988.    Click on image for an article about the Chapel in Box Office magazine.










Designed and created by Edward Sharp, proprietor of the Wilma Theater, The Chapel of the Dove, located in the basement of the Wilma Building, was the third theater in the structure and a monument to Mr. Sharp’s beloved pigeon, Korro Hatto, who could often be seen perched upon Eddie’s shoulder as he took sold tickets and refreshments at the entrance.  Films were regularly shown in this dazzlingly eclectic space, and it could be rented for weddings or other occasions as well. After Mr. Sharp passed away, the Chapel was razed and a conventional two screen theater installed. Now, the space is occupied by a restaurant, and the grand altar piece resides at Rockin’ Rudy’s.