Time Lapse Movie of Missoula (1968)

If you are confused about where the car is going in this youtube clip, never fear, our intrepid researchers have the answer.

The film begins at the second house from the west end of the south side of Arcadia Drive in the South Hills. The driver proceeds east to Gharett, then turns left and goes north to a stop at 39th.  The car then turns right and drives to Paxson, turning left there, thence proceeding north to Old Highway 93.  Turning right onto Old 93, the car heads toward town as the road curves first to the south and then to the east to where Old 93 once joined the end of Brooks.  (Brooks was extended so it goes straight to Buckhouse Bridge in 1970.  You can still find bits of Old 93 just to the north of New 93 out around Reserve Street.)  From there the car travels down Brooks to Higgins, and turns left to go north on Higgins, finally parking near the old BN railway station.  After the stop, the car turns right onto E. Alder, right again onto Pattee, right onto Spuce and then left to head back south on Higgins, eventually making a right turn onto Brooks and into the late afternoon sun.

When the picture resumes the car is pulling out of the Safeway parking lot (now Pierce flooring) at approximately Brooks and Mount.  (The car is facing the street where Burlington and Bancroft join together to access Brooks.)   It then pulls into traffic and proceeds west on Brooks toward Holiday VIllage, turning left into the Albertson’s parking lot.  The car later exits the lot, turns left and proceeds west on Brooks to stop at Buttrey’s in Tremper’s shopping center.  From Trempers the car follows its original route through malfunction junction and returns home.