The Borrowed Times

The Borrowed Times was an underground newspaper published in Missoula beginning in 1972.  Founded by Bill Vaughn, McCarthy Coyle and others, it began its existence in nine rooms located above a sewing machine store downtown.  The paper quickly gained a steady circulation of 2500 subscribers, many of them Depression-era radicals who had once subscribed to the Helena paper, “The People’s Voice”, which folded in 1968.  From its first issue, the Times sparked controversies, exposing shabby construction practices on Missoula’s south hills, and gender-based discrimination by the BN Railroad and The Missoulian.  Investigatory journalism, siding with victims and blowing the whistle on predatory business and government practices, were its early focus.  Later the paper morphed into more of a radical leftist publication “trying to start a democratic worldwide socialist revolution in Montana.”  But the paper never made any money, eventually became a drag on an associated type-setting business, and so The Borrowed Times was unceremoniously closed in 1980.

For more on the history of The Borrowed Times, here is an excellent article by Bill Vaughn.