Mom & Pop Grocery Stores (& other small businesses)

  • 12th Street Grocery (12th and Garfield)
  • Bolich’s (10th Street)
  • Bugli’s (602 E Broadway) circa 1952 / Broadway Market mid-50s to 2004


  • Dankers (846 S. 5th W)  circa 1952

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  • Fullner’s (701 S. 3rd W) circa 1952

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  • Hertz Grocery (1026 S. 3rd St. W) circa 1952

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  • Home Grocery (801 S 6th W) circa 1952

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  • Johnson’s (Johnson and 14th) – building has been razed and replaced by apartment houses
  • King’s Dairy (Clements and North) – building razed
  • The Little Store (up the Rattlesnake, corner Lolo and Raymond)

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  • Llewellyn Cash Grocery (1016 Worden Ave) circa 1952

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  • MacClay’s Market (South and Reserve) – building razed
  • Meadowland Creamery (3rd and Reserve)
  • Morrie’s Orchard Homes Grocery (next to Orchard Homes Country Club on 3rd) / formerly Claude’s Orchard Homes Grocery – circa 1952

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  • Olsen’s (Higgins and Kent), later called Ole’s
  • Shaffer’s (corner Worden and N 4th W)  1970s

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  • Springer’s Grocery (827 Cottonwood)

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  • Standard Meat Market (603 Woody) circa 1950s –  K&C Meats by the 1970s (now wholesale only, K&C occupies just the rear portion of the building)

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  • Stratton Grocery (726 Stephens) – burned down

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  • Super Save (1301 S 3rd W) circa 1955 / formerly “County Fair” circa 1952

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  • Super Save (701 S. Orange) circa 1950s through 1970s – now Food Farm
  • Super Save (405 N. Higgins) circa 1955

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  • Warne’s (720 Hilda) circa 1952, by 1955 it was Miller’s – still in business under various owners until about 1980

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  • White House Grocery (601 S 3rd W) circa 1952

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  • Woodworth’s (601 N 3rd W) circa 1952

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10 thoughts on “Mom & Pop Grocery Stores (& other small businesses)

  1. I went to Lincoln Elementary for 1st grade do I knew The Little Store well. My buddy Todd and I walked from next to Rattlesnake To school. One day we went to The Little Store and got candy and ditched out to Greenough Park for the morning, in 1st grade. I got my hide tanned for that little stunt.

  2. I believe the guy who owned it [The Little Store] was Larry. Couldn’t see well. Went there for our Schmidt tall boys in my Maverick Grabber! Lol

  3. In the early 50’s this {The Little] store was run by an elderly couple. In the late 50’s a younger couple bought and ran it. The husband was a Highway Patrolman. He used to give the driving test for those applying for their first license. I went to Lincoln, Prescott and, as a freshman not old enough to drive, I caught the bus to high school next to this store.

    • The older couple was Tom and Amy and I think the younger couple was related to them. Her name was Dot, I can’t remember the highway patrol’s name. (Little Store-Rattlesnake) Stan was there a Shields involved at one time?

  4. Following is from Missoula City Directory 1955


    Groceries and Meats – Retail

    A & B Cash Markets 1330 Catlin
    Anderson Manley E S Hwy 93 cor Houston RD3
    Blaszek Hans 2100 S Higgins av
    Brest Market 1801 S Higgins av
    Broadway Market 602 E Broadway
    Bryson Andy F 2039 S 11th W
    Buttrey’s Foods Inc 705 S Higgins av
    Cainan Dan I 1035 VanBuren
    Claud’s Orchard Homes Grocery end S 3rd W RD 1
    Courtright Perin C 846 S 5th W
    Daily John R Inc 115-19 W Front
    Dee’s Market 1038 Toole Tel 3-3106
    Don’s Food Market 1500 W Broadway
    D’Orazi’s Italian Import Grocery Woody cor Alder
    Dufresne Julian J 550 W Spruce
    East Side Grocery 917 E Broadway
    Evans Ernest E 1425 S Higgins av
    Fangstrom Ruth Mrs 801 S 6th W
    Fenders Super Market 2401 S. Higgins av
    Food Center 1833 S Higgins av
    Frazer’s Meat Market 803 S Higgins av
    Gerner Chas A 600 South av W
    Goughnour Lee E 1402 Sherwood
    H & H Market Inc 215 W Broadway
    Harkness Richd 327 North av W
    Jamieson Lillian P Mrs 1800 S 7th
    Johnson’s Shopping Center 1963 S 14th W
    K & W Grocers Inc 541 S Higgins av
    Kiehl Lawrence 501 Brooks
    Llewellyn Elmer H 1016 Worden av
    Maclay Harry G 2550 South av W
    Market Basket 1202 W Broadway
    McCarthy Dan F 411 Kensington av
    Miller John H 720 Hilda av
    Missoula Meat Co 211 W Railroad
    Modern Meats & Grocery 1009 W Kent
    Morin’s Superette 715 VanBuren
    Mount Jumbo Grocery 1307 VanBuren
    Nelen Watson C 103 Keator av
    O K Trading Co 1701 S 5th W
    Olson Edna L 2105 S Higgins av
    Ray & Mae Grocery 819 Hawthorne
    Rose Avenue Grocery 801 Rose av
    Safeway Store No 245 901 Brooks No 247 606 W Broadway
    Schilz Nicholas J 1802 S 12th W
    Serba Walter H 2327 South av W
    Shield Harry H 2246 Raymond av
    Snappy Superette 241 Speedway RD 4 E Msla
    Solum’s North Side Grocery 1035 Stoddard
    Springer Wm J 827 Cottonwood
    Standard Meat Market 603 Woody
    Stop “N” Shop 135 E Broadway
    Stratton I Gene 726 Stephens av
    Super Save Market Inc 405 N Higgins av 701 Orange and 1301 S 3rd W
    University Grocery 1221 Helen av
    Wales Robt G 127 Alder
    Wilcoxen Fannie M Mrs 1440 S 5th
    Woodworth’s Food Mart & Frozen Food Lockers 601 N 3rd W
    Worden’s Super Market Inc 105 E Spruce

    Grocer’s – Wholesale

    Haines Independent Whole Grocery 800 W Spruce
    Western Montana Grocery Co. 1700 Turner

  5. In regards to a couple of the family owned stores. Bolich’s market was first owned by my grandparents. It was Solum’s Grocery, my grandfather then opened a second store on the north side of Missoula. He also supplied homemade hot meals for the workers of the White Pine with the help of his brother. My grandparents were Otto and Nellie Solum and his brother was Adolph, affectionately known to us kids as Unk.

  6. Use to stop by the 12th st. Grocery to buy beer when I was in high school. Sometimes they would send out a little kid to take my money.

  7. Does anyone have information about the Danker’s store on the corner of 5th and Ash Street? It’s a duplex now that we own, but would love to know more about the store itself and or the folks that owned it.

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