Wolf’s Second Hand

Wolf's2nd Marcus Wolf, a self-described “pack rat,” operated a second hand store and “non-profit museum” often referred to by locals as “Wolftown.”  His obsessive collecting and organizing instincts resulted in a labyrinthine compound (located on W. Broadway a few blocks past its intersection with Russell Street) brimming with thousands of items, including a trailer jammed with thousands of dolls of every sort.  With a creative and humorous spirit, Wolf produced tableaus using the prodigious quantity of materials at his disposal, for example, a “jail” with a kneeling female store-dummy whose head was placed in a toilet bowl. He welcomed customers in search of unique items and just curious passers-by. The tours he offered were an inspiration to many local artists and photographers.

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4 thoughts on “Wolf’s Second Hand

  1. I loved that place. My grandpa and father were good friends with Marcus. Dang. What was the name of that dummy he had there that he moved around? Old Joe, or something like that. It scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it.

  2. I was the little girl “Roxcy” and we lived in the little house. Every one came to the store to get replacement hub cap’s..he had just about all of them. When he passed he had one of the largest salt and pepper collections.

  3. I was always fascinated by his lighter collection. and we definitely bought our share of hubcaps and motors from Marcus. I also liked his wheel fence.

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