A River Ran By It

Prior to 1962, a channel of the Clark Fork River ran by the base of the Wilma Building.   It is rumored residents of buildings backing on the channel used it as a garbage disposal. Although we assume residents of the Wilma were a cut above, this was a time before environmental awareness.  Certainly, newspaper, rinds and coffee grounds raining down from the 8th floor would have made quite a sight.

1941 aerial photo of downtown Missoula showing the Clark Fork running in two channels

1941 aerial photo of downtown Missoula showing the Clark Fork running in two channels. The Wilma Building can be seen along the bank just about dead center in the image.


One thought on “A River Ran By It

  1. There was a cat walk along the side of the Wilma over the branch of the river that allowed a person to walk from the area behind the building to the Higgins Ave entrance. Though not a developed parking lot, there was room behind the Star Garage , John R Daley butcher shop, and the other building there on Front street to park cars. I can remember when my older brother would take me to the movie at the Wilma, park there behind it, and walk to the front on that cat walk. It was not lighted well and I can remember being scared walking down it in the dark with the sound of the water flowing under it. Of course, my brother always had stories of the kids that were lost there to enhance the experience.

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