May 12, 1969: Explosion Rocks the Wilma


The Missoulian May 13, 1969


The Missoulan May 14, 1969

The last sentence reads, “Police have the metal and are investigating the incident.”   Evidently, the perps were never apprehended.  We hope the Wilma’s insurance covered those 47 broken windows.

It is interesting to note that in 1969, these explosions merited only two short items on the Missoulian’s second page, the second humorously characterized.  One can just imagine the panic, pandemonium and ongoing local, state and federal investigations that would result today should a similar event occur.

Out thanks to J. F. McDonough for this contribution.

One thought on “May 12, 1969: Explosion Rocks the Wilma

  1. Now this rings a bell. I do remember Ed talking about a prank with a keg that exploded. He talked about it causing issues with the whole side of the Wilma facing the river. I know it cost the building something like $5,000.

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