Missoula Bands of Yore

  • 1-800
  • Andre Floyd
  • Bad Math
  • Beni Rad
  • Big Sky Mudflaps
  • Boy Toast (1980s) Joey Kline
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cold Shot
  • Deranged Diction
  • Ernst Ernst
  • Freelance
  • GIngerBlue (featuring Skipp Vandecar and ???)
  • Hitchcock
  • The Initial Shock (1967-1969)  f/k/a The Chosen Few (1966)

Initial Shock

  • The Invaders (1966-67)



  • Just Ducky
  • The Kegmen
  • The Lifters
  • Live Wire Choir
  • Kostas
  • Lost Highway Band (1975-86) Phil Hamilton, Michael Purington, Paul Kelley
  • Mission Mountain Wood Band (1972-1982) Rob Quist, Steve Riddle, Christian Johnson, Greg Reichenberg, Terry Robinson
  • Mojo’s Mark IV (1965) featuring William Mojo Collins (vocals, guitar), Steve Garr (bass), Rockie Lieble (organ),  Rick Richter (sax), Brian Knapf (drums).
  • Montana
  • Mother Freedom, featuring Russel Woods, Bob & John Behner, Randy Bro
  • Northern Freight
  • Pegasus
  • Predators~later it became Dangerous Friends
  • Prophecy
  • The Rage
  • Rose Tattoo
  • The Sound System
  • The Talk
  • The Time
  • The TNT’s (1964-1966: Bruce Wallwork ~Bass, Vocals / Chuck Seitz ~ Lead Guitar,Vocals / Sonny King ~ Alto Saxophone / Steve Pike ~ Organ / Don Underwood ~ Drums)
  • The Vulcans
  • Wayne Silversonic and the (I don’t remember whats)
  • Who Killed Society?
  • Zoo City

9 thoughts on “Missoula Bands of Yore

  1. RE: The TNTs – Chuck worked a couple of summers for my dad on the ranch, he was 15-16 years old; had his electric guitar out in the bunkhouse and was always practicing. The horses were curious about the sounds and would line up at the fence and listen.

  2. The Time and The Talk (both on your list) are actually one in the same–when they went to record, they found there was a band in the Midwest called The Time. One former member, Wylie Gustafson, more recently did the “Yahoo yodel” that most everyone has heard.

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